Henry’s (and Halia’s!) World

Their story from conception to the present

Its a small, small world

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Making the decision mid season to change football organizations, Henry was lucky to find a team, Big H not so much.
That situation actually turned out for the best. With the focus solely on the quarterback position, his arm strength continues to excel each passing year. Now footwork and speed was a whole other question.


A couple of hours of research later we decided to tryout a local gym whose emphasis was on acceleration and strength. I am happy to report that 12 sessions in, the improvement has been tremendous. Even Henry just dropping in once a week increased his speed two fold!

Now here’s where my Disney theme music comes in, the gym owner has a daughter that cheers competitively with Diva H :0. Now while both girls are close in age, this gym is spread over 10 locations with over 70 teams. Diva H cheers out of two locations is on 3 teams and alternates on 1 so what were the odds that both girls would cheer out of the same gym but different teams? It truly is a small world!!


My son the artist

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Some of my early memories of school take me back to my love of art, and in raising my kids, I try hard not to push them in any direction, but when Mr. H showed a continued interest in drawing, I let him go it at his own pace. Now while one term of art does not make an art connesiuer, as his Mom, I am very proud and have agreed (after constant nagging) to create his own category that will hold all his drawings.

Today’s picture reflects his feelings so far about football, of course he’s # g1, and you can make out Diva H with her pom-poms, and the rest of us in the stands (in color of course).