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Their story from conception to the present

A season of madness ends..as another starts….

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Going over the monthly calendar of activities, I am stuck by;

(a) How many extracurricular activities the family is involved in, and
(b) My husband and I need to carve out more us time

Regular football season is winding down, but as 6-years of being in this sport has taught me, there is no such thing as an off-season.
Camps for both boy’s are lined up, working on acceleration and strength training at our local gym has seen amazing results, and the search is on for Spring tackle football.

As to the other half of my quad, they have been hard at work conditioning and practicing for their competition season which officially kicks-off on October 27.
Ms. Halia is having the best time ever in dance class. As much as she enjoys cheer and tumble, she lives for her weekly ballet and tap lessons. The icing to her cake,
she’ll be part of two Christmas parades with the rest of her studio, we are over the moon with excitement.


With Ms. Diva unofficially on 4 cheer teams, we have a packed travel season from Washington DC to Atlanta, Orlando, Myrtle Beach and Dallas, it is a consolation that she is home schooled.
I would hate to ask for so much time off as all those out of state competitions while on weekends require Friday practices and they are more than 2-hours away.

Despite the long hours spent on the road getting to and from practice as much as we feel apart and always on the go, our family has never been closer. From our strategy meetings on how to exercise
from planning our meals, I would not miss this experience for the world.


Catching the Reading Bug

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Today kicked of our library’s Summer Reading program, and it went off in grand style.

The children were treated to a rare visit of music and fun “Didgeridoo Down Under!”
Big H and Henry actually got to play some of the aboriginal musical instruments, and
had such a great time learning about the marsupials, and other wildlife that existed down under.


They are already giddy with anticipation for next weeks reading date - “Catch the exercise bug - Karate

Have a wonderful week!

Home cooking

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Still in keeping with the theme of keeping the kids busy and having fun this summer, I browsed through the numerous cook books and magazine subscriptions we’ve accumulated through the years, and had them pick out a couple that catch their fancy, so every Sunday will be our special cooking day whether its Spider cookies or Candy Chocolate bars, this will be a a project handled by the kids, and we will post the recipe and pictures the following day so you can try out as well.

Kicking of tomorrow, we will be making Frozen Raspberry dessert, just thinking about it is already making me hungry ;).