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This is the way we play, I mean eat…

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…our fruit



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As I sit here recovering from a nasty stomach bug, I marvel at the strength of the human spirit.

Operating on barely 4-hours of sleep a night over the past 4-day’s dealing with a sick princess, I was not looking forward to my day.
Started off with getting the kids ready for school - I can imagine as most kids, my quad are not morning people so it is a constant
struggle to get our mornings going. Once I get them in their rhythm they are golden.

As the time grew closer Diva H’s practice my worry was if Halia would be able to stand the hours long commute and practice would be too much for her to handle.
Unfortunately my oldest somehow caught the same stomach bug and decided to take the night off from the gym. So Dad stayed home with
our sickly gang and off to practice we went!

**Side note, all of my kids are involved in physical activities, both boy’s play tackle football, diva is on 4 competitive cheer teams, and little bit takes ballet, tap and prep-level allstar cheer.
It is never a good sign when you pull up into the respective parking lots of said children’s practices and are greeted by the site of an ambulance. We rushed in to find that one of Diva’s team mates dislocated her
shoulder, and somehow broke it right at the ball joint. Needless to say the 2 hours of practice were sombre as everyone waited on updates from the hospital. Unfortunately all the ER could do was send her home sedated and make an appointment to see an pediatric ortho on Monday :(

So with that on my mind as I watch my daughter tumble, my stomach ache grows progressively worst. At this point its not a matter of if, but when I would be completely sick to my stomach. I make it through the 2 hours of practice with no incident, so we proceed to a second location 15-minutes away for additional tumbling, and about a mile away I am so sick I am forced to pull off the road. Unfortunately I wasn’t totally unscathed so I strongly contemplated just getting home as fast as I could, clean up and try to get some rest.

In the end I decided against going home, got my daughter to the gym who I’ll admit was willing to forgo practice so I could get home. I told her it was ok and that I would be fine for the hour long practice.

I think back to her first year of competitive cheer and it was her final competition out of state, just us girls as big brother was getting a scholastic award for outstanding grades. It was a 2-day competition and it must have been something she ate, for she was up sick all night, and I was tempted to call her coaches and tell them she couldn’t compete. And her rough night showed, a stunt she had done scores of times flawlessly came tumbling down. I and her wonderful coaches told her afterwards that she was amazing for even showing up and competing as hard as she did.

I am proud to remember how strong she was that day 3-years ago, and I’m even happier that I was able to reinforce that message of never giving up yesterday.



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After a longggggg, well-deserved hiatus, my blog is back in business.

Going over some of my old post, I’ve really missed writing and can’t wait to get back into it again.

Quick update,
The 4H’s have grown, Mr H just celebrated a birthday yesterday, Ms. Fabulous is a competitive cheerleader, Henry is a football beast and Baby Halia dances and cheers!


Obestiy in childhood

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A very sad news segment caught my eye this evening; a 4-month old baby had been denied medical insurance coverage for a pre-existing condition - obesity. Apparently, the insurance company in question followed the CDC percentiles guidelines, and with this beautiful child weighing in measuring in the 99th percentile for both, he was deemed a health risk.

It got me thinking about two points;

1) Why would a health insurance kick out an individual (in this case the parent) willing to pay the premiums if there goal is money-making anyway?

2) Being in the business of health, wouldn’t the better option have been to see if a medical condition was causing this so called pre-existing condition?

As I look into the eyes of my four beautiful children, I am thankfully everyday that nothing worst than the seasonal cold has befallen them, and my heart just goes out to anyone having to deal with the overly complicated health system.

Thankfully everything turned out ok, and the little one got his insurance approved, but what genius thought denying coverage to an infant would be a sound business decision?

Happy 7-weeks Baby Halia

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Wow the time has certainly flown, it really does seem like I yesterday I was pregnant versus taking care of a new baby.
Going through a growth spurt this week, so it has been week of lots of crying and not wanting to sleep every evening, I am just grateful that it hasn’t bothered the family as much as I had thought, rather I have a stampede of three eager beavers at every little sound she makes :).

A few pics from yesterday’s 154 picture shoot it’s the only way I’ll be taking pictures from now on, I loved having such a huge selection to choose from.

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