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Filed under: General — Ada at 10:06 pm on Monday, November 11, 2013
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On the eve before the eve of Ms. Diva’s birthday, I reminisce about how far my four lion cubs have come. How very similar they are but how so very different.

As a parent on the go from one extracurricular activity to another, music often makes our rides bearable. But if I had to spend another hour listening to every Justin Timberlake song off of his latest album every 10 minutes I was blowing a casket. On a whim I searched for and found an R & B station, needless to say my senior cub was beside himself with all of the unfamiliar songs playing, mumbling about listening to weird songs.

It took hearing one of his favorite groups Earth, Wind & Fire one day to finally appreciate that not all change is bad.

Seems that I had a premonition of things to come, not even 2-weeks later his favorite pop station changed to a country station, now you’d never get an argument from either of us.