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Obestiy in childhood

Filed under: General — Ada at 10:39 pm on Monday, October 12, 2009
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A very sad news segment caught my eye this evening; a 4-month old baby had been denied medical insurance coverage for a pre-existing condition - obesity. Apparently, the insurance company in question followed the CDC percentiles guidelines, and with this beautiful child weighing in measuring in the 99th percentile for both, he was deemed a health risk.

It got me thinking about two points;

1) Why would a health insurance kick out an individual (in this case the parent) willing to pay the premiums if there goal is money-making anyway?

2) Being in the business of health, wouldn’t the better option have been to see if a medical condition was causing this so called pre-existing condition?

As I look into the eyes of my four beautiful children, I am thankfully everyday that nothing worst than the seasonal cold has befallen them, and my heart just goes out to anyone having to deal with the overly complicated health system.

Thankfully everything turned out ok, and the little one got his insurance approved, but what genius thought denying coverage to an infant would be a sound business decision?

Happy 7-weeks Baby Halia

Filed under: Album, General — Ada at 12:11 am on Saturday, October 10, 2009
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Wow the time has certainly flown, it really does seem like I yesterday I was pregnant versus taking care of a new baby.
Going through a growth spurt this week, so it has been week of lots of crying and not wanting to sleep every evening, I am just grateful that it hasn’t bothered the family as much as I had thought, rather I have a stampede of three eager beavers at every little sound she makes :).

A few pics from yesterday’s 154 picture shoot it’s the only way I’ll be taking pictures from now on, I loved having such a huge selection to choose from.