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To the “Santas” looking for a deal

Filed under: General — Ada at 4:21 pm on Thursday, December 11, 2008
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I just read through Yahoo News that KB Toys was filing for bankruptcy for the second time in four years and would immediately have a going-out-of business sale immediately.

While my heart goes out to all those employees affected by this, this may be the best opportunity for a great Christmas deal.

A Halloween to remember

Filed under: Album, General — Ada at 8:56 am on Wednesday, December 10, 2008
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Not only did the kid’s build a candy haunted house and trick-or-treat, Mr. Henry got to attend Lady Diva’s field trip around town in their super duo costumes, and attend Mr. H’s class party; what a party animal!

Blogger’s bloc

Filed under: General — Ada at 11:49 pm on Tuesday, December 9, 2008
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Looking at the time stamp of this blogs last post, has been nagging my mind to dust off my brain and write something! It is not for a lack of information to write-off, from September - November, we’ve celebrated three birthday’s, had an exciting visit to Dave & Buster’s, a fun Thanksgiving and an even better time decorating the house for Christmas.

Dealing with the also not so fun; a possible relapse of cancer by my father-in-law, missing my parent’s terribly who I haven’t seen in ten years, and the monotony of school


More photos to follow, just too many, to post on one entry.