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Pumpkin patch visit

Filed under: Album, General — Ada at 10:59 pm on Friday, October 17, 2008
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This past Monday Ms. Fabulous, Henry and I with her class visited a local farm that had a pumpkin patch set up and it was fun!

We all got to take a haystack ride (a first for all of us), through the acres of strawberries, tomatoes and the best part, the farm animals, including feeding hay to the horses and pony’s and even petting the goats. I learned an interesting tidbit of these species of goat called the fainting goat; they were “manipulated” through various means to react to fear by fainting, so farmers would put a few of them together with sheep, and if a wolf attacked this of course scared the goat faintless, letting the sheep get away unscathed. Of course at first glance it does cruel to raise animals for the sole purpose for the survival of another breed, but that is an argument for another day.

The icing on the cake of course to the kids was getting to pick their very own pumpkins, which my silly Henry would not leave outside, hopefully next week I’ll be able to find some superhero theme carving sets.

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