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Happy 8th birthday!

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Fall is here!

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The foliage has been losing its freshness through the month of August, and here and there a yellow leaf shows itself like the first gray hair amidst the locks of a beauty who has seen one season too many.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Game day

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Mr. H officially had his first game today and it went quite well, with #86 playing defense and actually tackling both times he was in, we would have loved to see more of him in the game, but for the time he was in, he enjoyed every minute of it and made some great plays and they won 28 - 6.

Ms. Fabulous cheered for the flag football team which was really exciting, given that the home team had been leading up to the final quarter when the visitors made a touchdown, and unlike professional football with a field goal, convert (the equivalent of a 2 point after a TD, I promise that is as far as my football knowledge goes lol) for an extra point, now with the home team down by 3 with 2 seconds on the clock, the home team came through and scored!

Cooling down

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It has started to cool down, looks like summer is fading and fall is right on the horizon, not sure that I am ready for that weather change, but I have feeling fall isn’t going to heed me anyway.

School has been going great for Mr. H and Ms. Fabulous, whom I aptly renamed from Ms. Diva 1) because she detests the name “Diva” and two, her new booster seat has “special words” inscribed all over; sweetheart, precious, and fabulous.

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School hasn’t been as bad as I’d expected, while I miss not updating my blogs regularly and missing sport practices, my weekends are still free enough for me to go to the kids games, spend time with hubby, and get in some studying and house chores.

While I come home everyday from class tired, it is an extremely satisfying kind of tired, homework and quizzes so far have been great, giving me the much needed confidence and foundation I’ll need for the MCAT’s and soon medical school.

From a dark head

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to blonde!


Sporting her Hannah Montana wig, I think my little diva looks cute as a blonde, but then again as her mom, I’d think she looks great in green hair!