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A letter from her teacher

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My little Diva, has had two full day’s of school, and the two things I am grateful for is that she is making friends, (not that she ever had a problem with that, she is the child that walks up to every cashier checking us out and she will engage them in conversation, asking what there name is and how pretty it is lol) and it tires her out that she is ready for bed by 8pm.

Well my girl brought this really neat note from her teacher that I couldn’t wait to share;

parent letter

Three days…

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… of continuous rain is what we’ve had since Monday and it has been a great blessing and relief.

Most parts of the U.S are going through droughts, and thankfully we did not get a rush of rain all at once instead it was a slow stream of rain which lessens the effect of the rain just washing off the surface. While it may not alleviate our drought, I am certain there are enough farmers who are grateful to have what they have received.

Today is picture day for my athlete and cheerleader which I’ll be missing because of classes, but I am sure it will go great and can’t wait to receive our order.

What a difference a haircut makes!

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Yep, Henry got those locks all cut off, it does make him look much older but still Henry!



Countdown to school and orientation

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This past Wednesday was my school orientation and to my delight, Mr. Henry greets me at the door with a hair cut, his beautiful, brown curls were all gone, and instead he had this really short do that actually made him look a lot older than his three years (for those following we did donate his hair to charity).

Our local elementary school had its open day and Ms. H got to meet her teacher’s today so while we filled out form and paid fees, she got to play around in her classroom, find her seat and actually meet one her classmates, J whom she hugged on our way out to her brother’s class.

I was happy to see that Mr. H would be having a male teacher this year, whom he may hesitate to pull some of the shenanigan’s like those he pulled on his first grade teachers, nonetheless he is thrilled about his science course which will deal with dinosaurs, as well as some other animals and plants.

Luckily Henry will have plenty to do as well, he’s already signed up for the reading program at the library, and I am hoping to get him into the YMCA, close to my school so he can at least interact with children his own age, but only twice a week since most of my classes are in the evening.

My orientation went well too, I met with the Chair of the Premedical Advisory committee, with classes as large as 150 + it is important that my professors now me early on, I hear it helps with letters of recommendation etc.


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Almost 8-years later, I am very impressed (and sometimes upset) at how fast my children are becoming independent.

Since Mr. H was young we had always talked to him about playing football, but at the time we moved, the only active sport was basketball, but I never saw as much passion or dedication to the game.

Then along came football, and it was as if a new spirit was kindled in my boy, if we wanted to punish him we threatened not to take him to practice, and he’d cry himself silly and then do what we had asked in the first place lol.

With practice 0.3 miles away from home, he insists on jogging all the way, is already worried about his diet, but we have already nipped that bud, we strive very hard to serve only nutritious, health and filling meals, with plenty of fruits and vegetables in between.

I am proud of his commitment to excel in this sport and be the best he can be, football does run in our family, my first cousin played for Michigan and is now one of the assistant coaches.

My darling diva girl has been nothing but impressive to her coaches, at each practice, she will hug each coach, and smiles so hard it hurts my cheeks, but I can already see the improvement, and left to her she’d attend practices everyday as opposed to twice a week.


Ever since I saw Gregory Hines (RIP) I have been anxious to enroll the kids in tap dance lessons, and August 27th I will be able to sign them both up for tap, in addition to ballet for Ms. H.

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