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Renting for the weekend

Filed under: General — Ada at 10:19 am on Monday, June 30, 2008
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Searching my local newsletter, I found an advertisement for moon walks; these are huge inflatable balloons that children can bounce in to their hearts content.

Judging from the number of times I have to tell my kids to stop jumping inside the house (especially when they are upstairs), I would hope a three-day weekend of a toy that allows them to jump outside of the house will do wonders for my stress levels, while they have a fun time.

The problem arises in choosing the Moon Walk with two boy’s and a girl, you can be assured that it is a heated argument over Spiderman and Spongebob versus Princess and Dora; a debate worthy of UN intervention?

But seriously thinking of it and hopefully can make a decision tonight, what do you have planned for you children this Independence Day Weekend?


Week update

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I have been terrible updating my blog this past week, but have so much to share

Last Tuesday the kids had a karate showcase, and as much as we enjoyed the show, there doesn’t seem to much enthusiasm to join up right now, maybe as they get older. This Tuesday should be great The Bee Keeper from our local zoo is coming to visit and maybe with a few buzzing friends.

But my story of the week is the great deal my husband found on a basketball hoop which normally goes for $140 and we only paid $20 and we all love it, even I get a workout just throwing those balls for thirty minutes or more.


And best of all I got an upgrade on my camera from a Sony MVC-FD81 to a Kodak C813!


Have a wonderful week!



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Important recalls for parents

Nordstrom Recalls Girls’ Sandals Due to Choking Hazard

Jardine Cribs Sold by Babies”R”Us Recalled Due to Entrapment and Strangulation Hazard

My son - the motivator

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My oldest son never ceases to amaze me, whether its from the really bad things he does, to the really, out-of-this-world sensitive side he shows.

Yesterday as I was studying for my finals he came to me with a coloring page of an ambulance. The significance to me is this; I will start studies this fall to the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) next year to apply for medical school. So his reasoning for coloring me such a picture (and even having the foresight to color me brown lol) was that he liked the idea of me going to medical school, and just understanding how important medical school is to me - us.

My scanner is acting up tonight, but I will post a copy of the picture as soon as I figure it out)

Catching the Reading Bug

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Today kicked of our library’s Summer Reading program, and it went off in grand style.

The children were treated to a rare visit of music and fun “Didgeridoo Down Under!”
Big H and Henry actually got to play some of the aboriginal musical instruments, and
had such a great time learning about the marsupials, and other wildlife that existed down under.


They are already giddy with anticipation for next weeks reading date - “Catch the exercise bug - Karate

Have a wonderful week!

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