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What we’re doing this summer

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With summer vacation six days away, Frank and I have been raking our brains on how we were going to keep our three munchkins, busy, amused, and tired by the end of the day.
A trip we had been planning with my in-laws for the older two to travel to Germany for the summer fell through, have you seen the prices for unaccompanied minors? Besides we’d have to travel to Chicago or New Jersey as unaccompanied minors are not allowed on connecting flights which make sense, so unless something drastically changes in the interim, it is home sweet home, but they get to visit their great-aunt for the first time in Columbus,OH later in the summer.

Some of the ideas so far, is concentrating on reading and math, we have tons of workbooks and reading lists lined up, but all work and no play?
We have a HUGE yard, it could comfortably fit a volleyball and basketball courts, so we’ll have a badminton setup, and what’s summer without water?

Rambling of Maggie had this gorgeous pool, which I think is a winner! I think a 7, 5, and 3 year old would forgo sleeping to play in this pool.

Banzai Falls Splash Blast Lagoon

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Class of ‘08 congratulations!

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Henry graduated today from his Preschool Storytime Class of 2008.
Each child in the program received a cap, certificate, and coloring book for their participation, and because it was so nice outside, the class enjoyed a picnic outside, where Henry was content to just sit in his lawn chair and eat crackers, not even when a little girl came over to play with him he didn’t even say hi, guess I have the opposite of a player which is fine by me :).



Even though she technically is not a “preschooler” his sister got to join in on the fun


Congrats are also in order to my brother who graduated from the University of Virginia last Sunday, more on this on my other blog here.

In honor of Memorial Day

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Thank you.


Allergies and Yoga

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A weird combination, but both phenomenons that have taken the family by storm.
During Henry’s pregnancy, my allergies had been bothering but were still bearable till I delivered, and they went haywire!

I was put on Flonase which greatly offers relief. What I found interesting was that the state of Virginia (Central and Southern) are prone to higher levels of allergens, so guess my dismay when I found out that Greensboro ranked number two for cities with high allergen levels, ugh.

So now not only do I deal with that stuffy feeling, Henry and the princess may have seasonal allergies as well so its off to the doctor later this week for a diagnosis.

WebMD has a wonderful article on seasonal allergies;

Survive Spring Allergies - You Can Do It!
Spot Your Hidden Allergy Triggers

I actively practice Feng Shui and Reiki, and this week have started yoga as a family sport, and the kids love it! Of course we can’t strictly abide by the rules, but feel it is a great way to spend family time while working our minds and bodies.


Hair hair!

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Hair - my daughter’s hair was a cause of torment to me because there was so much of it, it took no less than 4 hours to style or braid, yet a great sense of pride because it was naturally longer and thicker than mine ever was, so for the 3rd time in her short life, she decides to cut her hair! This time so badly that we couldn’t salvage it to donate, but in typical mom-daughter relationship, I am more heartbroken over it than she is, and I know it will grow back, but it took us three years to get to where it is now, oh well, just another day in the life of a mom.

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