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Snack Time!

Filed under: General — Ada at 2:57 pm on Monday, April 28, 2008
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My parent’s enjoy nothing better than to try to new (and interesting) recipes!
Today with the help of my siblings and Mama, today’s snack comes from the kind people
of Ritz Crackers, and its called PB Mallow Fruit Bites, a great way to combine an American
favorite of peanut butter, the sweetness of marshmallows (yum) and the healthiness of banana, strawberry, topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Please enjoy this tasty treat courtesy of Ritz, and the cool pictures my big brother took :)

PB Mallow Fruit Bites

PREP: 10 min. TOTAL: 10 min.
MAKES: 2 doz. or 12 servings, two topped crackers each.

1/4 cup creamy peanut butter (we substituted with crunchy)
1/4 cup JET-PUFFED Marshmallow Creme
24 Honey Butter Ritz Crackers
1 banana, cut into 24 slices
24 strawberry slices (about 1/2 cup)
Ground cinnamon

MIX peanut butter and marshmallow
cream until swirled but not completely
blended. Spread onto crackers.
TOP each with a banana slice and
strawberry slice.
SPRINKLE lightly with cinnamon


Busy week

Filed under: General — Ada at 2:43 pm on Thursday, April 24, 2008
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Henry had both his well child and dental visits this week, and both went quite well.
He is within the normal height and weight range, did well with his vision test, though at
first he tried to play the shy card. He had fun with the blood pressure cuff, but as expected
hated the shots somehow between Virginia and Florida he didn’t get all the shots required for his
age and since I could only prove what was marked on his card, he is now doubled or very late.

It was his behavior at the dentist that caught me off guard, I believe that every parent out there
truly believes their child is the most beautiful and well-behaved; I however differ on that school of
thought, when I look at my children, I am amazed at their looks, because I always compare them to
myself so in that regard, I like how they look. When it comes to their manners, I am constantly pulling my hair out.

I scheduled all three of them for their dental visit, and the policy is that only patients are allowed in the treatment rooms,
so imagine my surprise when Henry with no fuss or fight, followed the attendant for his check-up!

I expected this from my two eldest, but it was a pleasant surprise that he was no trouble at all, of course it may have helped that
“Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends” was on TV, but when I was finally brought back to talk with the dentist, he just laid their
without a care in the world.

But trust Henry to not leave without a funny moment; when it came time for the gel-like vitamins, since he’s still learning how to spit out, he had the suction tube, so imagine the hysterical laughter when he started sucking on the suction tube to prevent the vitamins from leaving his mouth, his expression was priceless, as if to say “why are you laughing when I am trying to keep this sweet stuff in my mouth?”

Needless to say, they were a hit with the dentist, all the attendants kept telling me how behaved they were, for not trying to bite, cry or fight during the examination, so I guess the lesson to this is that maybe the bald spots and gray hair are finally paying off.


Something fun for a change…

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I never been one to participate in such things, but it sounded like so much fun and I was real curious, my names slogan lol.

Your Slogan Should Be

Ada. As Delicate as a Caress.

Worldwide Link Love

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I’ve been tagged by Joshua, come join in on the love!

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