Henry’s (and Halia’s!) World

Their story from conception to the present

Week 1

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Welcome to the world precious one . . .

Mother’s Day Gift

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Getting Back into Shape

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This is especially true for exclusively breast-feeding moms, who have just in the past 9-month approxiamtely gained 25 - 35 lbs. Now they still must eat 500 extra calories to produce that needed milk for the young ones, and by the time they are done with mother, wife, or partner duties, they are too tired to work-out.

Here are some tips that have worked great for me; the key word is commitement

* Get a copy of Eileen Behan R.D., Eat Well, Lose Weight While Breastfeeding, a great resource touching all aspects of a successful weight loss regimen and not sacrificing the well-being of your baby.

*Make TIME! Today’s world is full of things to do, so add this to your schedule and stick it to it. I’ve found that once you start straying it is hard to get that motivation running. The only time my house is quiet is between 11 pm and 6 am, so I alternate my workouts between mornings and nights. On days that I run, I take the baby out in the jogger.