Henry’s (and Halia’s!) World

Their story from conception to the present

He’s here!!!

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At 7:30 am I got ready for my pregnancy massage, though the intensity of the contractions had increased, they were very irregular (during the hour long massage, I only had 3 contractions).

My OB felt my contractions were very irregular, but told me to come in if they got uncomfortable.

Got to the hospital at 6:30 PM were my cervix was at 5 - 6 and very stretchy and the head engaged. At 7:30 PM my OB broke my water to try to start labor in earnest.

I was allowed to walk, and use the birthing ball and by 9:00 PM I was exhausted so laid down to try and sleep, but got restless and decided to use the jacuzzi with cold water as I was burning up.

About 10-minutes into the tub, I had the strong urge to push, so I got out and asked my husband to get the nurse so I could get some pain medication.

I couldn’t make it to the bed in time so got on all fours and found out afterwards that the baby had started crowning!

My nurse and hubby came running in and I kept asking for some pain medication, but she told me she had to check my cervix first, so she and hubby carried me to the bed and told me to start pushing; Henry was out so fast the doctor made itjust in time to pull out the placenta!!

My favorite moment was when Henry was allowed to lie on my chest immediately after the birth so he didn’t need to be under the lamp to be warmed and not needing pitocin or an episiotomy this time around.