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Reached a critical milestone!

Filed under: Baby April — Ada at 3:49 pm on Wednesday, February 23, 2005
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Today as my ticker above shows, I reached the critical milestone of 34-weeks.
In essence, if I went into labor from this point onward, I wouldn’t be stopped,
but allowed to have the baby, I’m so thrilled and excited of the thought of seeing
this little one that I’ve carried for the past 8-months.

Finally back!

Filed under: Baby April — Ada at 10:56 pm on Sunday, February 20, 2005
© Copyright Ada Kanu 2019

Sorry things have been quiet on my end, the move and ensuing settling in had me real tired with no desire to work on my blog.

Baby April has been doing great, busy kicking but thankfully is already head down so I think it will definitely make an early appearance oh well for the diamond baby.

I had so many false alarms that I unpacked my hospital bag in disgust and now have lost all enthusiasm in getting it packed up again even though I’m at 33-weeks (drum roll, I’m almost there), I’ve just fizzled out.

Absolutely no interest at all, I can’t sleep comfortably to save my life and awake on the dot every night at 3:30 AM. Though I’m still thrilled about feeling the baby move and have the older siblings talk to and feel its movements, but with no shower to look forward and nothing bought for baby, I’m really down in the dumps.

Well I’m done enough ranting for one night, thanks for lending me your ears.