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I spent most of my life living in Sierra Leone and one of the memories that most comes to mind are the plentiful palm trees.

I especially enjoyed going out to my parent’s palm and fruit plantation on the weekends and the sight was just breathtaking.

Maybe you can depict in the above that I’m pretty homesick and miss there a lot, so I’m thinking of making the baby room into a palm paradise but unsure if I should paint the mural directly onto the wall or try using a sheet instead.

Got our first peek….

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…. of the new addition to our family.

For the first time, Hanna and I heard the baby(s) heartbeat. (We think we may be having twins but will know for sure on 11-1-2004 during the ultrasound).

So right now, we’re just cooling our heels waiting excitedly for Monday to come around so the whole family can share in our new arrival.


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Thanks for looking at my blog!

I’ve just started - please stick with me :)

I’m Ada wife and mom of two from Northern Virginia.

With our third child due April 2005, I’ve been looking into a career change but in the meantime need something that will help run the family while I’m in school.

My wish is to become either a Certified Midwife or Obstetrician. Now in my junoir year with a major in nursing, I’m hoping this will give me the neccesary foundation to tackle the MCAT’s and later medical school.

For now, I’m toying with the idea of an interior design franchise (like most women, I enjoy decorating) or start a website with prenatal, postnatal and maternity items since I had such a hard time finding these items while on bed rest. I’m doing my research now and was advised that I do some more publishing in my blog to get name recognition if I wanted to follow the website idea, so from now on, I’ll be linking to articles that expectant parents or even students doing research could be interested in and see how it goes from there.